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100% Unique Excel Templates For All Your Property Calculations!
Take the guessing out of residential property investments by purchasing our unique property investment templates. These Microsoft Excel based solutions are more comprehensive than any property software solution and include the following unique functionality:
  • Create comprehensive property investment forecasts which include all property variables.
  • Measure actual property investment return for buy to let properties & primary residences.
  • Measure the costs that are associated with primary residences.
  • Calculate bond statements, bond amortization & effective interest rates.
  • Calculate transfer & bond costs before acquiring a property.
  • Calculate property capital gains tax & income tax.
  • Template prices are once-off and there is no time limit on the use of our templates.
  • All templates have been designed specifically for the South African property market.
List Of Property Templates
  • Property Investment - Forecast
  • Property Investment - Buy To Let
  • Property Investment - Primary Residence
  • Bond Statements
  • Bond Amortization
  • Effective Interest Rate
  • Property Capital Gains Tax
  • Property Income Tax
  • Transfer & Bond Cost
  • Rental Deposit Interest Calculator
  • Free Bond & Capital Growth Calculators
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  • Designed by the same chartered accountant who designed the Property Reality templates but with sales in more than 100 countries across the globe!
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Free South African Bond Calculators For All Your Home Loan Calculations!
Looking for accurate & free bond calculators for South Africa? We provide 7 of the most comprehensive & bond calculators which assist consumers in performing the following calculations:
  • Transfer & Bond Costs
  • Monthly Bond Repayments
  • Bond Affordability
  • Minimum Net Disposable Income
  • Amortization Table
  • Increased Instalment
  • Bi-Weekly Bond Repayments
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